Randhawa Precast Boundary Wall – Resilient, Strong & Economical

What is a precast concrete technology?

To help you make an informed decision about your building material, we provide you information about what precast technology actually is.

Precast concrete technology is extensively used all across the globe due to its highly effective application in building construction particularly in the construction of sky rising buildings as well as bridges with longer spans.

Precast construction technology is a convenient, smart and cost effective way to build any type of buildings. The precast technology involves the manufacturing of precast construction products by casting of concrete into reusable moulds which are then preserved under controlled conditions and are carried to the construction site for placement.

The precast concrete technology in Pakistan has helped to considerably lower the costs of construction along with improving productivity and quality while shortening construction time span. It can be efficiently used for both commercial and residential buildings.

Reasons for the popularity of precast concrete technology in Pakistan

In the past few years, the precast construction has flourished rapidly and adopted widely in construction projects because of the following reasons:

  • Budget friendly prices
  • Lightweight hence easy to carry
  • Shallow depth with long life
  • Quality controlled
  • Quick and easy construction
  • Time effective
  • Works well in weather conditions and environments
  • Eco-friendly construction

Why choose Randhawa precast boundary wall solutions?

Our precast boundary wall allows you to have secure, long lasting, quick and affordable construction, manufactured at our manufacturing unit under strict quality control and supervision of our professional and highly experienced experts. These are then transferred to the construction site. The precast boundary walls, panels and columns are then installed more efficiently and quickly than the traditional walls without the need of any additional labor and adjustments.

There is wide range of products available for this category including precast concrete boundary, planks, columns, precast concrete panels, beams and the hollow blocks. These are designed to resist any type of weather and environmental conditions and can be used for multitude of purposes.

Benefits and applications of our precast compound walls

  • It offers variety in architectural designs
  • As the concrete used is of superior quality, the maintenance cost remains low
  • Gives a distinctive appearance by enhancing the visual appeal of construction
  • Quick erection allows to save time and money
  • High quality control is observed by our precast wall manufacturers
  • Saves money, time, labor, scaffolding, shuttering and building material on overall construction
  • Available according to the demands of the clients


  • 4 x 9
  • 4 x 10
  • 4.5 x 12
  • 5 x 15