Pioneers Of Precast Concrete Technology in Pakistan

Randhawa Precast construction Company is the name of high-quality standards, honesty and professionalism in the precast industry in Pakistan. It is the leading name that has earned a distinguished repute in a manufacturing of precast concrete products Karachi due to its finest quality, durability and resilience. The company has been established since 1986 and during this span of time, we have successfully delivered thousands of construction products which became a basis of powerful and durable constructions.

We are the fore-runners of the precast concrete technology in Pakistan and have made valuable contributions to the numerous construction projects that held national importance. Throughout our journey we have advanced our knowledge about the concrete industry and products manufacturing, diversified our experience and implemented the best industry specific practices with superior quality controls which gave us a competitive edge over other companies in the industry.

Why Choose Randhawa Precast Industry


Pioneer in precast technology

We are one of the initiators of precast concrete technology in Pakistan. Our company was established in 1986 with the vision of delivering top notch quality concrete precast products for residential as well as commercial constructions.


Best quality precast products

Our precast concrete products are manufactured under strict quality control and are thoroughly checked to meet set standards before delivery. We try to provide our best quality products to our clients because this what you are paying for.


Years of experience with knowledge

Our team comprise of intelligent minds that have vast experience in the industry of precast concrete products manufacturing. We perform quality analysis tests to ensure maximum safety and durability of our concrete precast products.

Our Products

Randhawa Precast Construction Company is the leading precast boundary wall supplier and manufacturer. We offer wide range of products that are manufactured on state-of –the-art manufacturing plant under strict quality control and expert supervision. These products can be custom designed to meet the construction requirements of a particular client. Below are the products that we offer to our valued clients:


Precast Boundary Wall

To help you make an informed decision about your building material, we provide you information about what precast technology actually is.


I Girder

The concept of low-cost housing and construction in Pakistan has been revolutionised by the introduction of precast concrete girders and slabs.


Tray Slab

Randhawa precast industries have introduced innovative tray slabs to compliment your boundary wall construction. To make it one the best



Concrete planks are an important part of the boundary wall. Randhawa precast planks provide you with precision manufactured strong and resilient planks that are manufactured using concrete with high strength.


H Girder

Following our tradition of superior quality concrete products manufacturing, Randhawa H Girder contractors offer high quality H section Girder for your various construction basic and advance needs.


Plain Slab

Randhawa industries are the largest and leading plain slab manufacturers in Karachi. Our precast plain slab is manufactured using finest quality concrete elements which reduce the weight of construction as well as its cost.

Some Recent Amazing Projects

Randhawa Precast try to give best quality to his client. These past projects show our hard work. We don't play words we proves .

See How We build Precast Boundary Wall

Precast Boundary Wall is our one the best selling product . we just not only build it. We have a different ways to build Precast Boundary Wall for setisfying your project needs.







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Our valuable clients

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Quality and safety policy

We have vigorously implemented the Quality Management System Standard and continuously strive to improve the efficacy of Quality Management System. We strictly follow the international quality and safety rules in a manufacturing of precast concrete products. Our facilities are equipped with the latest technology to produce state-of-the-art products that are completely checked for quality assurance before supply. We say NO to child labour. Our labour practices are based according to the labour laws and regulations.

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