Precast Concrete I-Girder Roofing System

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What are precast concrete I-girder ?

The concept of low-cost housing and construction in Pakistan has been revolutionised by the introduction of precast concrete girders and slabs. The precast concrete girders are manufactured by combining the compressive firmness of concrete and the high level of steel’s tensile strength which is a requirement of concrete structures.

Randhawa precast concrete roofing system

Randhawa precast concrete industries possess the years of experience precast concrete technology in Pakistan which allows us to manufacture strong and resilient girders. Our precast concrete roofing girders are composed of high strength and strongest steel wires and strands that are tensioned into the girder for pre-compressing the surrounding concrete. This gives our precast concrete IGirders a capability of resisting and holding highest external loads.

As this ultimate combination of steel and concrete is cost effective and highly efficient, the construction using the pre-stressed precast concrete Igirders is low cost and durable for residential, commercial and industrial constructions.

Our prestressed girders and slabs are available in a variety of sections and sizes to fit all your construction needs. These are designed to carry heaviest loads with efficiency, safety and resilience. They offer a durable solution for roofing construction.

Randhawa Prestressed Girders system: Benefits and applications

  • Outstanding cost savings
  • Allows easy and quick erection
  • Manufactured under highest quality standards
  • Guaranteed best price
  • Reusable
  • Pretested and durable material
  • Suitable to use for small and medium sized spans
  • Can be used for variety of constructions
  • Ideally suitable for medium sized constructions
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