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Randhawa Precast Concrete Planks construction in Pakistan

Concrete planks are an important part of the boundary wall. Randhawa precast planks provide you with precision manufactured strong and resilient planks that are manufactured using concrete with high strength. These boundary wall planks offer an economical and reliable solution for the construction of boundary walls.

The concrete planks manufactured by Randhawa planks construction provide you with host of benefits as compared to the traditional construction material. They are highly popular choice for construction of residential, commercial and industrial buildings. The planks boundary walls provide high end durability and natural attenuation of sounds which makes your place quieter and safer. They are custom manufactured in our state-of-the-art concrete planks manufacturing facility.

Features of Randhawa precast planks

  • Environment friendly material
  • Smooth and high strength
  • Economical
  • Reduce the time span of construction
  • Reduces overall construction cost
  • Very easy maintenance and cleaning
  • Can be used for supporting small bridges and multi storey constructions
  • Ideal for accelerated construction schedule
  • Adds to the durability of concrete boundary walls

Why choose Randhawa concrete planks contractors ?

  • Superior quality control and standards.
  • In-time delivery of concrete planks.
  • Customer support is provided for any kind of issue.
  • Time and cost efficient solutions to meet all your construction requirements.
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